We are delighted to offer this successful course now ONLINE with live, fully interactive sessions.

This course provides a practical introduction to the foundations of the gestalt approach as it applies to the development of individuals (including ourselves!), teams and organisations.  It assumes no prior knowledge of gestalt and can be an ideal first step for anyone who wants to join the Gestalt in OD: In Practice course.

Course Outcomes 

  • A firm grasp of gestalt key principles for a new perspective and enhanced understanding of what is going on in the context of organisations
  • A powerful new set of tools to make sense of what people say and do, discover differences in perception and motivation and stimulate change
  • Greater capacity for awareness of yourself in your role and others as well as what is happening in your team(s) and organisation or those that you work with
  • A wide repertoire of creative, accurate and effective interventions and strategies
  • Learning how to work with your own and others’ emotions and realities rather than having to suppress or discount them
  • Understanding how to break through “stuck” patterns of thought and activity especially where conflict or competition are present.


“A unique approach and training that adds significant value to the quality of our practice and impact in organisations.”
Consultant Clinical Lead Psychologist, NHS Hospital Trust

“I have used the insight and techniques I gained from the programme in my work and it has all come quite naturally. I now have the energy and ability to be more effective in my work as I can ‘be’ in any moment and situation with confidence and clarity that enables me to make the right decisions about what to do or say. The Gestalt in OD programme had a significant role to play in this. If you feel that you’ve tried everything in your practice, management or leadership and you’re still missing something, then give this programme a go.”
Director, UK Civil Service

“In a fast-paced, constantly changing and high-pressured world where fixed solutions are less relevant, shifting our mindset and practice towards mindful ‘here and now’ presence brings a valuable sense of grounding and agility to teams and organisations. It also enables us to get real clarity on what is happening and apply acquired insight to decisions and actions.  This programme is exactly about this shift in mindset. It combines a theoretical framework with experiential mindful awareness and the opportunity to practice and experiment concrete techniques and strategies, in a safe and expertly facilitated group. Making the most of the rich diverse experience in the group and that of the trainers, you grow in confidence and leave the room equipped with a new outlook and ideas and tools you have already tried out and know how to apply in your own practice.”
Team and Organisational Coach and Facilitator


Dates:       30th & 31st October 2020

Times:     10am to 5pm each day

Fee:           £595

“Exceeded my expectations and increased my knowledge. Clear and informed teaching style.”

KH, Psychotherapist


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